The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

Friday, March 30, 2012

Josh and Fale sorting out the catch during the cobb trawl on Thursday March 15, 2012. Sorting the catch was one of the hardest thing to do because we have to use tweezers to sort the catch in to 4 to 5 different groups. John, Don and Jennifer thanks the boys for their help and they make the job look easy for the scientists on the Oscar Elton Sette.

Sione Lam Yuen Jr assisting Jennifer Fry, John Denton, Aimee Hoover, Megan Duncan and Don Kobayashi with measuring Myctophids, Non Myctophids, Crustaceans, Cephalopods and Gelatinous Plankton's mass, volume, weight and length.

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