The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tafito Aitaoto explaining the evaluation form

This is after the presentation but before the activity. Everybody participated in filling out an evaluation form that was intended to measure the effectiveness of the outreach conducted. The information from the evaluations will aid in refining the methodoligies employed in carrying out the workshop.

Alice Lawrence group during the activity

This is group 3 during the activity. They are deciding who will be the first fisherman. This activity is for the youth to gain more knowledge about the No-Take MPA program. Like the benefits that they can get if they have an MPA, what will happen if they protect the fish inside, what if they overfish outside of the MPA and also what can they do to help the MPA become a better place for fish and invertebrates that are in Fagasa's Ocean.

Catholic Church Youth at Fagasa
This is Ioane Afoa and Maria Afoa's youth group for the Catholic Church at the village of Fagasa. Approximately 30+ individuals participated the outreach and the youth enjoyed learning about the No-Take MPA program. They really like the idea of having a No-Take MPA to protect their marine resources, they also like the idea that they can still swim and snorkel in the No-Take MPA, and they also like the program because they can still continue fishing, like how our ancestors provide food for their families in the past. One of the kid said that she would like to continue eating fish and chips in the future, that why she like the No-Take Program because it will serve as an egg bank so the fish can still continue reproducing and have more eggs, the more eggs they lay the more fish our family can eat.