The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

Thursday, May 30, 2013

No-Take Marine Protected Area Program Informational Booth

Tafito Aitaoto is explaining to Samoana High School students the purpose of having an MPA to protect and manage resources for future generations and the people of American Samoa.  Tafito is also talking about the ADCP and Drifter project that the no-take mpa program has been working on for the past four years and why is it important to have a current survey before establishing and designing an mpa.
DMWR Enforcement Booth

Edwin, Leilani and Peter with their Enforcement Information Booth in order for the public to be aware of the departments rules and regulation on mpa's, illegal fishing gears, illega fishing methods, fish and invertebrate sizes, sea turtle shell products that are imported or exported, bleached coral that are imported or exported, and what marine resources that are now ban from fishing. The enforcement crew did a good job on making sure that the people of American Samoa are aware of the regulations that they need to follow.
Drop Camera Display

Ekueta Schuster and Alama Tua setting up their drop camera as one of the tools use to do benthic analysis at different sites around American Samoa.  The Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources hosted a Community Awareness Fair and this was one of the booth that was set up by the BioSampling and Key Reef Species Crew.
FAD D being deployed from the Sili at the village of Amanave

DMWR staffs and the Sili staffs are looking at a job well done deploying one of the FAD for Amanave on a Saturday April 27, 2013.  Mr. William Sokimi is communicating with the captain to turn the vessel around at this point so the rope and the bouy that is attached to the chain for this FAD is being deployed.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FAD E & F Deployment on April 27, 2013

Joe Tiatia, Meko Letuane and Herbie Umi are working on the aggregation device for both FAD E & F.  There is a net tied on the chain that Joe is holding and the purpose of this net is where the algae is growing then the smaller fish will migrate and eat this algae.  Bigger fish will eat the smaller fish that is eating the algae on the net.
Fish Aggregation Device (FAD) Training with William Sokimi, Kerat Rikim and Joe Tiatia from Secretary of Pacific Community (SPC)

Mr. William and Tee Jay explaining why is important to measure how much the nylon rope, polypro and the chain before putting together and attached it to the spar bouy.  This is preparing FAD's for the village of Amanave and Fagasa which is FAD E and F.  Mr. William Sokimi was the same instructor that came in 2012 to conduct a FAD training and deployed FAD A and C in the villages of Aunu'u and Vaitogi.