The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

Thursday, August 11, 2011

One of the scene for the new infomercial

This infomercial was taken at the village of Fagamalo and these are some of the cast acting out a village setting. Two fishermen's got back from fishing with their catch and the village waited for them so they had a gathering to thank the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources for benefits that they are getting from this Marine Protected Area that they have in their village to protect the Marine Resources that they have for village people and the future generations of the village. Thanks to Rita Hnkin, Tee Jay Letalie, Ioelu Seve, Alama Tua, Caroline Stowers, Mika Letuane, Fiaali'i Tafeamali'i, Poasa Tofaeono, Honcho Taifane, Ekueta Schuster, Joe Iosua, Tafito Aitaoto, Sione Lam Yuen Jr and the camera man Fred Ahoia for making this infomercial possible. Good Job everyone!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ASCC Land Grant Forestry Field Trip
at Taputimu Tree Plot

Pepe Misa explaining kids why Forest is one of the most important ecosystem for living things that live in it; such as Birds, Insects, and Toads. He also explain why plants and trees are important; such as source of oxygen, habitats for animals and the root system helps to hold the soil from eroding after heavy rain.
Teachers Water Activities

Jim, Seanette and Travor getting ready for their snorkel trip at Utulei Beach with Alice Lawrence. Teachers that attended the teacher workshop were divided into two groups; snorkel group and water safety group. The first day of the workshop was basically teacher learning about four themes; Fisheries (DMWR and GRAG), Climate Change (DOC), Water Quality (ASEPA), and Forestry (ASCC Land Grant). The second day was a field day for them to use snorkels and learning about water safety thanks to Zero I'aulualo for assisting teachers.
MPA Activity with Alice, Derek and Sione

Teachers from public and private schools in American Samoa during the Teacher Workshop on the first day which is the 29 of June 2011. The cereal on the table indicates fish in the ocean, straws that are in the mouths indicates a spear use for fishing and the green cup indicates baskets for them to put their fish inside after catching them. This activity basically explain the teachers that Marine Protected Area is a practice use to protect marine resources that American Samoa have for future generations to come.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fish Anatomy Activity

Selaina Tuimavave and her class were talking about the different external anatomy of the fish, and the internal anatomy of the fish. Kids learned that the air bladder provides buoyancy to the fish to float upward in the water when the bladder is inflated with air and the fish can float downward in the water when the bladder is deflated.
2nd Day of Fishing Derby

Afa Uikirifi helping a kid with the rod and reel during the 2nd day of the fishing derby. Kids from Ofu and Olosega were having fun at the 2011 Enviro Discoveries Summer Camps. The kids caught groupers, triggerfish, trumpetfish, flounders, surgeonfish and mullets.
Coral Polyp feeding activity

Sione Lam Yuen having a coral polyp feeding activity with Ofu and Olosega kids. Sione is teaching them that coral can feed during daytime by using the Zooxanthellae that uses sunlight for food and energy source; same process that plants use Photosynthesis. At nighttime the coral polyp uses tentacles to get food from the current in the ocean. So this activity is basically the coral polyp feeding at nighttime, Sione is the current that is carrying food which is cereal, and the students are polyps that are waiting for zooplanktons. Zooplanktons are microscopic animals that are food to living things such as coral polyps, Baleen Whales and other marine organisms.
Rod and Reels for Fishing Derby

Shey Auelua posing with the Rod and Reels that he put together with the help from Alice Lawrence, Afa Uikirifi, Lusila Minoneti and Sione Lam Yuen Jr. Shey and Afa were responsible with the Fishing Derby during the Ofu, Manu'a Enviro Discoveries Summer Camp.

External Anatomy of Fish Song

Sione Lam Yuen is singing a song based on the external anatomy of a fish along with the assistant by Maria Vaofanua. It goes like; Dorsal, Pectoral, Pelvic, Caudal, Pelvic, Caudal, Dorsal, Pectoral, Pelvic, Caudal, Pelvic, Caudal, Lateral Line, Operculums and Gills, Dorsal, Pectoral, Pelvic, Caudal, Pelvic, Caudal, and don't forget the Anal Fin.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Word of God Outreach at Ottoville Tafuna

Lusila Minoneti talking to the first group of kids about the different programs that are in the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources (DMWR) like, the Enviro Discoveries Summer Camps here in Tutuila and Manu'a every summer, DMWR Summer Course, Le Tausagi Teacher Workshop, and the Fishing and Boating. Malia Vaofanua talked about Coral Reefs, why reefs are important and some benefits that human get from reefs. Sione Lam Yuen Jr talked about the MPA Program that DMWR have to protect these marine resources that American Samoa have in the south pacific ocean.