The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Group 2: for fieldwork at the village of Futiga

Group 2 is working on strategies to gather information from the village of Futiga. So they can use it in the process of Planning for Climate Change in American Samoa. The asset's that they are discussing might be different from the villagers perspective of what's important in their livelihood.
Collectong data from the village of Vatia's CFMP VMPA

We were having a break from our first 5 25 meters transect on the west of the village of Vatia's MPA. That is the quadrat we used to take photos from every 1 meter along our 5 25 meter transects. Peter and Fale were the first one to lay our 5 25 meters tapes, and Tepora and Sione would count fish and inverts. Joshua was using the quadrac to record substrate cover every meter. We also set 5 25 meters on the east where CFMP have another transect in the VMPA, for more data to help us with our data entry and familiarizing with a software where you can count the different corals, algae's, and inverts.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reverend Samuelu Tuila'epa explaining his group what they are going to do on designing their action plan to protect marine resources they have in the village of Aunu'u.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

These are the facilitators that participated during the PLA workshop in Aunu'u. NOAA PIRO and DMWR Staff. Alan Everson (top left) is the Coral Program Coordinator for NOAA PIRO who funded the event. Fatima Sauafea-Leau (front, 2nd from right) led the event. Malo le galulue!
Selaina and Champion's group

Group 3 is deciding what to do and Carl is pointing to his son where to fish at. They are trying to figure out a strategy to manage their MPA so they can have enough fish for everybody for the future. Good job everybody!
Lucy and Sione's group

Group 1 after working together to manage their own Marine Protected Area (MPA) during the activity after the no-take MPA presentation. This group learned a lot about managing and maintaining the MPA if they have one at the village of Fagasa.

Lusila and Malia's group during MPA activity at Fagasa Assembly of God

Group 2 are working on MPA activity. Shawn is fishing outside the MPA and other members of the group is counting the fishes inside and outside, so they can manage how much their catch for the day is and what's left for another day.

Reverend Filipo Tuigamala and Otila Tuigamala

Thanks for accepting our invitation from the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources, for the MPA program to present on no-take MPA's and their benefits to the families, villages, and community.