The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coral Reef Advisory Group Informational Booth

Derek Toloumu from CRAG is explaining students why coral reefs is important in the ocean and what can we do to manage and protect them.  He is also explaining the model on his left hand side which include a crown of thorn star fish, sea urchin, sea cucumber, coral reefs, fish and sponges.  Derek is also showing kids what a healthy ecosystem looks like without any human impacts.
Enforcement Division

Captain Hanipale Hanipale, Kiso So'oto, Sa'ia Lavata'i and Mundey Ah Ching from the DMWR Enforcement Division were responsible with the boat and jet ski rides during the fair.  They had a boat safety briefing with all the parents and students that want to ride the boat or jet ski before they take them  for a ride in the Pago Pago Harbor.

Key Reef Species Booth

Alama Tua and Domingo Ochavillo assisting Jacob with underwater diving equipment at the DMWR Awareness Fair on May 3rd 2013. Domingo is explaining Jacob that when he is underwater, he cannot use the snorkel but he can replace it with a regulator which he can use the air from the cylinder that is attached to the Boyancy Compensator Device (BCD).  Alama explain Jacob that a BCD can allow him to be a fish when he dive, it allows him to float up and down inside the ocean.
Marine Mammal Project with Wildlife Division

Anthony Sagapolutele and Elden Tagarino with their informational booth about marine mammals such as Whales, Turtles and Dolphins that are found in the ocean around American Samoa.  Alden is responsible with any marine mammal stranded and there were DMWR staffs that were trained to be in that Whale Stranded First Responders Team.  Elden also trained Anthony with turtle necropsy to determined how the sea turtle died near the beach of American Samoa.  Anthony Sagapolutele is now getting his B.A. in Marine Science at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.