The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kiso, Ledwina and Sam presenting on Enforcement Division

Kiso and Ledwina along with their intern Sam presenting on the Enforcement Division here at DMWR to students from Pava'ia'i Elementary. They explained the types of fishing that are legal and fishing that are illegal. The rules and regulations that DMWR Enforcement have based on the marine and wildlife that is around American Samoa.
Alden Tagarino presenting on Marine Mammals

Alden is presenting on his field which is dealing with Turtles, Whales and Dolphins. Alden also work with DMWR staff during a dolphin or a whale stranded. DMWR had whale stranded in 2010 and 2011 at Matu'u and Faganeanea, and Alden and some people from off-island trained DMWR staff to activate a group of people when there is a whale stranded on the island. Students were amazed when Alden showed them the types of Whales, Sharks, Dolphins and Turtles that are found here in American Samoa.
Tee Jay, Tasha and Sa'olotoga presenting on the Bio sampling Project

Tee Jay and Sa'olotoga along with their intern Tasha are actually showing students on a live microscope which is connected to a television how to dissect a fish to collect otolith and gonads to determine the fish age and life history of a fish.
Honcho, Lusila and Sione are presenting on invertebrates

Pava'ia'i Elementary School 5th graders theme on that day of their field trip was Invertebrates in the Ocean. So Honcho Taifane presented on Invertebrates and Vertebrates, Lusila presented on the different programs that the Education Division at DMWR have and Sione presented on the two different MPA programs that DMWR have.
Alama Tua presenting about diving equipment

Students from Pava'ia'i Elementary School learn that DMWR staff uses diving equipment to submerge underwater to collect data, for fish, algae and coral identification. Alama also talked about basic swimming and safety which is what you need to learn before going out to the water. He also explained snorkel, mask, bcd, regulator, and diving signs you can apply when underwater with your buddy.
Ekueta Schuster presenting on underwater equipment's

Ekueta is the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources dive shop operator, and he is presenting one of the coolest underwater vehicles DMWR have. Students from Pava'ia'i enjoyed their visit to DMWR because they learn about other programs and other equipment's we have to help staff collect data, dive and supp merge underwater.