The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

The Department Of Marine & Wildlife Resources

Friday, August 31, 2012

Preparation for award ceremony

Fatima, Caroline, Pele and Alex preparing prices and certificates for kids after the camp.  Mayor Aleaga Nili was the special guest that assist Fatima Sauafea-Leau with presenting the awards and certificates during the award ceremony after the summer camp at the village of Aunu'u.  Special thanks to the village, mayor, principle of Tauese Elementary School and Parents of all the kids that attended the Le Tausagi Summer Camp for making this camp possible.  Also a big "Fa'amalo" to all the different agencies that are part of the Le Tausagi Family.  Malo Le Galulue!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ASCC Land Grant Presentation by Tony Maugalei

Marcella Pepe and Tony Maugalei presenting on behalf of the American Samoa Community College Land Grant.  They presented on the Forestry Program at Land Grant in Mapusaga.  Their presentation was based on the Forest that is found here in American Samoa.  They explained why Plants and Trees are important in the environment; and how their work is related in protecting trees and plants for organisms that are found in the forest.  They ask kids to write a poem about the forest and they read it in front of everybody during the camp fire on Wednesday July 18th 2012.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Water Activity during Summer Camp at Aunu'u

On the second day of the camp, Peter Taliva'a, Derek Toloumu, Nick Saumweber, Trevor Kaitu'u and Sean Felise took all the kids for a swimming lesson at the wharf.  They were divide into 4 groups, and each of the groups was lead by one of the representative and a junior counselor.  Each of the group get to learn breast stroke, freestyle swimming, butterfly and they also learn how to float.  After this water activity at the wharf, they had a camp fire.  They said that this was one of the best summer they had.  

Marine Debris Activity

Natosha Ripley and Aunu'u kids after Marine Debris activity.  Peter Taliva'a presented on marine debris and how it affect marine resources and life in the ocean, after his presentation kids had a clean-up outside of the classroom and a beach clean-up near the wharf.  It is very important to educate younger generations to be clean, tidy and put trash in trash bins.  Principle Ta'ala Vaigogo was happy that kids that are attending at the Tauese Elementary on Aunu'u are learning these basic steps of keeping the environment clean.

Tsunami Drill

Peter Taliva'a, Derek Toloumu and Nick Saumweber lining up kids for their Tsunami Drill on all the days of the camp.  Before lessons and activities in the morning kids are lined up for tsunami drill, since Aunu'u is an island and has a low elevation.  Their is a path that they should remember to run to when a tsunami hits the island of Aunu'u, they said that they have tsunami drill too when school is in session in Aunu'u.

Nick with the registration

Nicholas Saumweber from NRCS helping Aunu'u kids with their registration on the first day of the Le Tausagi Summer Camp 2012. Approximately 40 kids showed up during the camp and 15 junior counselors along with representatives from various agencies like NRCS, Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources, NOAA PIRO, ASCC Land Grant and ASCC Marine Science Class, American Samoa National Park Services,  Department of Commerce and especially the mayor of Aunu'u Aleaga Nili for accepting Le Tausagi to have their first summer camp in the village of Aunu'u.

Enforcement Presentation by Kiso So'oto

Kiso So'oto presented on behalf of the enforcement division during the DMWR summer camp at Faga'alu.  His presentation was based on illegal fishing methods and destructing fishing methods that fishermen are still using till today.  Boat safety was another topic So'oto presented and also  rules and regulation that they are enforcing based on Marine Protected Area in villages of American Samoa.  He had some visual aid such as a car battery attached to a metal pole where people use to electrify the ocean and fish will die and float on the surface of the water.  

Field Trip to VMPA in the village of Alofau

Afa Uikirifi presenting on behalf of the Community based Fisheries Management Program (CFMP) to kids that participate the summer camp 2012.  He is explaining why Marine Protected Areas (MPA's) are important to a village, what are the benefits, and why is it important for the village to work together with the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources to establish and design an MPA.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fishing Activity during summer camp 2012

Anthony, Mika and Tovine assisting kids with fishing activity on the second day of the summer camp 2012.  Not only kids learn about alcohol abuse and child abuse from the department of Human Social Services, Boat Safety from Marine Patrol, Traffic Safety from Department of Public Safety Traffic Division, marine related topics from the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources but taking them fishing was a big step of what they have learn inside their classrooms                                                                               

Zero and Staff on Water Safety

On the first day of the camp, DMWR staff took kids to Utulei so Zero and Staff can teach them how to swim.  In order for DMWR staff to take them snorkel or fishing, kids should learn how to swim.  So Zero is briefing on water safety before he take them in the water for lessons.  They were divided in 4 age groups; 9-10 yrs old, 10-11 yrs old, 11-12 yrs old and 12-13 yrs old and junior counselors were divided into these groups to assist Zero and staff as well as DMWR staff.

DMWR Summer Camp at Faga'alu 2012

Approximately 40 kids showed up at Faga'alu for the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources Summer Camp 2012.  Junior Counselors from the summer course attended too to assist Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs instructors during the camp.  Kids enjoyed the camp and also learned a lot about marine related topics.  Thanks to Social Services, Marine Patrol and Public Safety Traffic Division for a well done presentation for kids during this summer camp 2012.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marine Debris Field Trip to Faga'alu

Brody and Jack recording the type of trash that their group is picking up during the field trip to Faga'alu after Peter's presentation on Marine Debris.  During this field trip, 40lbs of trash was picked up from the beach and on the cricket field in Faga'alu that day.  Most of the trash that they picked up were glass bottles, candy rappers, plastic bottles, bottle caps, cigarette butts and clothing materials.

DMWR Marine Summer Course 2012

After Peter Taliva'as presentation on Marine Debris, kids took a field trip to Faga'alu to conduct a clean up and a snorkel session.  These hands on activities will remind them that what we do on land can affect life in the ocean.  After the clean up, Peter took them for a snorkel so they can see all the trash floating on corals and under the sand in the ocean.  Everybody had fun and learn something during the Marine Debris session on June 12, 2012.